Monday, 23 September 2013

ANIZZ Update

Its been a busy year & to be honest, I'd completely forgot about the Blogger but hopefully from now on I will keep it up to date. 

Catching up - Our Ocicat Classic Queen "Azy" was mated to our Stud "Chippe" they had a litter of 4 kittens on the 2nd of October (2012), they were all Spotty boys being a Tawny, Chocolate, Cinnamon Silver & Black Silver in colour. During the evening Cailin had 2 kittens that were a boy & girl, they were both Chocolate Silver Shaded Tiffanies. All went to their forever homes in January having been adopted by families who are now committed slaves to their every whim. Cailins daughter is to be a breeding Queen & Azy's Tawny boy has been on the Show bench. 

In Memory - We lost our beautiful Thickthorn Canella the day before her 1st birthday in June, it was to a horrific viral illness, which took hold of her very quickly & nothing could be done to save her. She is greatly missed, there is a huge gap in our home & our hearts, she is remembered as the sweet adorable little minx, who could easily twist you around her paw. The one consolation was that her illness was not contagious, so thankfully all our other cats were not affected.

Cat Shows - We've had a busy year showing our cats in GCCF & FIFe FB Cat Shows, Chippie, Azy, Cailin & Breagha have all attained Best In Show Awards, Chippe is now a FIFe FB International Champion, he needs one more GCCF certificate to gain his Grand Champion Title. 
Planned Matings - It was to happen now, however Azy & Chippe had other ideas, they had an oops mating so were awaiting to see if she is expecting, if their last litter are anything to go by we will once again have some stunning kittens. If she isn't pregnant then we will allow them to mate properly when she comes into call again, which should be at any time now. 
Cailin was mated last month to Heather McRae & Richard Gabb of "Cagaran" gorgeous, soppy stud "Donny" but she can not make her mind up what she is doing, so we are holding our breath in the hope she's caught & we've all got everything crossed that kittens are on the way.
We have an outside suitor/stud boy planned for Breagha, my problem being she keeps thinking about coming into call then changes her mind....any other time she is a prolific caller & normally 2 weekly or less......

Cats Eh! They never do what you want, when you want them too! I sometimes wonder why were their adoring servants, however there is NO doubt, Cats rule!  :-)  


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