Saturday, 13 April 2013

New Girls is very pleased to announce that weve two new girls who will hopefully be added to our breeding Queens as well as being our pets. They are Thickthorn Canella ofAnizz pet name Canella, She's a Black Silver Ocicat from the original UK Ocicat breeder Mrs Rosemary Caunter whom very kindly allowed us to have her. Also we have Cagaran Breagha-Anizz who is a Cinnamon Classic Ocicat, kindly given us from Heather McRae & Richard Gabb. Brea is an F2 outcross meaning her grandsire is the breed known as Abyssian, these are permissible to be mated to an Ocicat to bring new gene's into the Gene pool. When Brea is mated to a Full pedigree Ocicat her kittens will be full pedigree kittens, having 3 generations of pedigree Ocicats in their breedline.

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