Saturday, 28 December 2013

Our 2013 litter are 7 weeks old..gosh the time has simply flown by, the kittens are all using hooded litter trays with the door flap attached, eating meat 5 times a day & are very lively. They are forward for their age & have been able to easily climb up the adults scratch tower for the past two weeks, jumping up onto the settee is easy for them all & so is getting down, the female is the most active & the only time she stops is when she is asleep :)  They have been sold before being born but now their new families have chosen their ideal kitten & named them, we have Muraco Kimba, Takota Mowgli & Epany Cleo. The first name being an American Indian name & the 2nd in keeping with our chosen theme this year of Disney characters..
They have just been woken up for their dinner.....

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